Sharkbeats Pro


Listen To Your Favourite Music While You Swim

Stream your favourite songs with bluetooth connection or switch to the built in MP3 player and enjoy all your favourite music and podcast underwater.

Experience Infinite Bliss Underwater

Need a little push to crush your swim practice? Now you can finally enjoy the piping hot motivational playlist without worrying about the earphones staying in your ear canal with bone conduction technology.

With science backed IPX8 waterproof rating enjoy swimming up to depth of 3 metres and all your favourite water sports. Perfect to use in the shower or any water sports or even outdoor activities.



100% Waterproof

With a IPx8 waterproof rating, it is fully resistant to water and can be submerged up to 3m depth. 


Long Battery Life

Enjoy up to 10 hours of playback time and 120 hours while on standby mode.


8GB Internal Storage

With up to 8GB of storage, transfer endless amount of music to the earphones and enjoy listening without bluetooth.


Quick Magnetic Charging

Utilizing magnetic charging, it only takes 2 hours to be fully charged. One change last up to 8-10 workouts. 


Stays Securely In Position

Sharkbeats Pro is designed to stay secure during movement. Whether you are swimming or going for a jog, Sharkbeats Pro will remain securely in position so you never have to rearrange it. 


Open Ear Listening

Stay connected with the environment while enjoying your favourite music. 


Easy To Use

With just 3 highly accessible buttons, it will be easy to control the settings while you swim.


Comfortable & Lightweight

Flexibile titanium alloy band combined with skin-friendly silicone feels so comfortable, you will not even notice wearing it.


HD Sound Quality

Crystal clear audio combined with strong bass that sounds even better when you're underwater.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my product be shipped?

Orders typically take 1-3 days to processed and 5-10 working days to arrive. Expect anywhere from 6-13 business days from your date of purchase for arrival.

What if I want a refund?

Good news! We offer 30 days money back guarantee for all products which means you can try it completely risk free.

Just return the product, and we will refund you 100% of your money back. 

What does package include?

1 set of earphones

1 pair of ear plugs

1x user manual

1x charging cable

Can I use bluetooth mode while swimming?

We recommend using the MP3 player mode for better experience. Bluetooth can still work but water will interefere with radio transmission. 

How do you download music into Sharkbeats Pro?

Download the full MP3 format of whatever music you want and simply upload it to the internal storage.

Can this be connected to multiple devices?

Yes. Sharkbeats Pro enable you to connect to multiple devices through bluetooth.


30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Try it completely risk free!